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About Us

About us

Our vast networks and combined global experiences translate into sustainable brilliance every time we produce an event, campaign, or experience.

MKT Forum Experientials


We are dreamers and doers, experts and innovators, brought together by our passion for experiential marketing and our commitment to creating experiences that deliver a company’s message in ways that captivate consumers and leave them wondering, “How’d they do that?”

When you connect with MKTForum, you get a team that is solely dedicated to your success based on your established parameters. Whether it’s an event, a marketing campaign, or a combination of the two, we’ll combine your input with our years of experience and industry expertise to create an amazing end product.

At MKT, we’ve been marketing growth since 2005.

The Choice is Clear

Whether your needs are physical, virtual, interactive, or immersive, we have the talent, the tech, and the vision to bring it to life.

What We Offer

Our team is large enough to deliver on time and at budget, but small enough to offer that personalized touch that your company needs to realize your vision.

Who We Are

No matter how large our world might grow, people always matter most. Our staff is the core of what our company does, the ideals live and work by, and the heart of every successful project.


Project Management

When you have an event, exhibition or campaign consuming too much of your time, we can take the reins and deliver end-to-end project management that guarantees your product will be finished on time and on budget. We’ll provide a liaison to keep you abreast of updates and available to answer your questions at any time.

Design Development

If you can dream it, we can do it. Our conceptual artists can take your vision and breathe life into it. Our experience shines through at this stage of the process and produces designs that truly reflect your company.

Brand Activation & Communication

Put your company’s stamp firmly on your design, then watch it filter out to all points with your messaging. We are experts when it comes to branding and multi-channel marketing, allowing us to spread the word quickly and let you reap the benefits as potential new clients and partners click, view, and engage with your brand.

New Business Development

Just getting your feet wet or looking to send your next spin-off into the stratosphere? We have extensive experience in helping a venture take those first few baby steps and have you up and running while the competition is still learning how to crawl.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Careful planning is required for any big business move, and we’re happy to lend our expertise to your next project. Whether you need us to run points or be your go-to gurus for processes and procedures, we can fit any need.

  • Present

    East Asia - Middle East - Europe

    China - Japan - Korea
    Saudi Arabia - UAE - Qatar
    Switzerland - European Union - Turkey

    Summer & Winter Olympic Games as well as Paralympics.
    World EXPO & Horticultural EXPO.
    Business Expansion to Europe in the Hospitality Industry.
    Interactive Entertainment Contents Development in-between Europe and Japan.

    Gold at Xaver Award
    Bronze Lion in Cannes International Festival of Creativity
    Silver Clio Award
    RedDot award
    iF Design Award

  • 2018

    Dedicated Agency of Asian Ski Federation

    The marketing & planning support has been started in the Asia Ski Federation.

    Training camp program of rearing the winter sports family.
    Experiential program of alpine sports & culture.
    Business exchanging program of European Winter sports and Asian market.

  • 2017

    MKT Forum in Switzerland

    MKT Forum in Switzerland has been started in Zürich.

    Entered into the strategic partnership with China International Exhibition Center in Beijing (CIEC).

  • 2007

    MKT Forum in Canada

    MKT Forum Canada has been started in Toronto.
    North America's business has been started.

    Honeywell, American Eagle Outfitters, VISA, Bombardier, BMW, Jaguar-Land Rover, Nike

  • 2005

    Found MKT Forum in Korea

    MKT Forum has been founded by three experts in the marketing and branding field in Korea, South.

MKT Forum Evolution

Most marketers will tell you what they think you want to hear. We prefer to tell your truth. We are storytellers, we thrive on the power of imagination - yours and our own. We take the dream at the center of your brand and breathe life into it. MKT stands for marketing, and we have created MKT Forum to give your company an environment to share your story, widen your customer base, and elevate your brand.

Meet Managing Director

As the world economy pivots, the need for marketing to your customers in innovative ways has never been more important.

Jay Kim-Lee

Managing Director

Jay Kim-Lee

With two decades in the experiential marketing field, Jay Kim-Lee is a powerful voice in the industry and a track record of exceeding expectations. His experience spans the globe working with high profile cultural and sports organizations including the World Expo and Olympic Games.

Korea - Canada - Switzerland

Studied Design Management, Kim-Lee spent the first stage of his career in his homeland, with a pivotal branding role for the Canadian Embassy. That relationship led him to a two-year stint in Canada. In 2007, he set up MKT Forum in Canada, taking on various roles with creativities for the clients. He transitioned to Switzerland in 2010, and spent more than seven years working in diverse cultural & sports events field worldwide. In 2017, he formed MKT Forum Switzerland, and has been growing this branch of the business ever since.

More than 20 Years of International Experiences

From the Summer to the Winter Olympics to the World EXPO, Kim-Lee has been involved in some of the most innovative, interactive, and astounding experiential marketing environments of the 21st century, working for the likes of Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Jaguar/Land Rover, BMW, Bombardier, American Eagle Outfitters, Nike, Visa, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, SWATCH, and FIS, FINA.

Devoted Husband & Father

Kim-Lee’s wife has been his best friend and biggest supporter over the course of their marriage, living in three different countries. The couple is the proud parents of a daughter who plans on conquering the world of any sort of creatives someday.

Passionate Sports Lover

One of the best perks of the job is getting to see the action up close. A lover of all sports, Kim-Lee is a fervent follower of MTB, snowboarding, swimming, football, Olympic sports and more.